Company Culture – the qualities of a business

Where every day you spend 8 hours / day and 278 days / year, it will definitely become a second home. If you have a passion for your career and are able to work with like-minded friends, make friends with customers & partners with the same technology, then going to work and going out is not much different. If you are ambitious and live with goals and work brings you success, the company is not only a place to work, but a place to incubate dreams and conquer.

As a young environment

Walking around the company, do not be surprised to see the population is very young, dynamic, enthusiastic, constantly moving, hustling to work in an exciting atmosphere, determined to complete the goal. If you see a 6X guy with a soul like 9X, it’s not strange, youth is contagious.

Is the most rigorous training furnace

If specialization is the measure of professionalism, versatility is the pinnacle of holistic skill development. At work, we have difficult teachers who are bosses, customers, and hardworking students who are employees and engineers. Work pressure makes you better tomorrow than today.

Cong Thanh’s corporate culture is unique

Enthusiastic and dedicated employees are a key factor in helping us achieve our ambitions. Individuals who demonstrate entrepreneurship, commitment and leadership can all contribute to a company’s growth and success, now and in the future!

Learning & Development

In a rapidly growing organization, Cong Thanh’s people make the difference in achieving the company’s strategy. Therefore, we always invest in talent development and create a culture of continuous learning and growth, no matter what your role is. You will have plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and collaborate with the people around you. We create an inspiring work environment in which you can develop your talents and fulfill your potential.