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With 25 years of experience in the water treatment industry, Cong Thanh Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (ENVITECH) is one of the leading companies providing comprehensive solutions from consulting, design, construction to supply. supplying materials, equipment, chemicals for the treatment industry clean water, waste water, dust gas and production process in Vietnam. Especially, we are the pioneer company in the issue of saving & reuse of water today.

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Reputation creates business power. We are proud to have built a brand reputation & become the distribution representative of many leading brands and manufacturers in the world.

With high annual revenue growth, we are trusted to receive the opportunity to be the official distribution agent for many big brands in the world such as: Suez/Veolia (France), Tsurumi (Japan), BlueWhite ( USA), Aquafine (USA), Graver Technologies (USA), SSI (USA), BlueWhite (USA), Dupont (USA), Aqua+Tech (Switzerland), Koch (USA), F.A Schmidtc (Germany), Taconic ( Korea),…

We are the leading company in this field

We always update and apply the latest technologies in the design of wastewater and supply water treatment systems to bring about optimal efficiency with appropriate investment costs, in a variety of different industries such as: Food; Beer, wine, soft drinks; Seafood; Hospital; Living; Cosmeceuticals; Electric nitrogen gas; Rubber; Pure water treatment; Water treatment reuse…

Always meet all needs

Project guaranteed progress

Application of new technologies

Professional design


To become a leader in providing comprehensive, professional solutions in the water & wastewater treatment technology industry, as well as in the manufacturing process in Vietnam.


Committed to efforts in finding technologies, solutions, products and services to meet the increasing needs of customers and improve the living environment, with the highest efficiency.

Core values

People: Appreciating and upholding human values ​​is the principle of our operation with the highest efficiency.

The spirit of determination: Ready to learn, accept challenges & change towards growth

Innovation: Always actively creating, aiming for the image of a pioneering enterprise in the field of technology environment.

Sustainability: Building sustainable values ​​to create success for associates, partners, customers & contributing to protecting


Set the highest goal to give your best effort & complete the goal beyond the initial expectations that customers and partners expect. Team spirit: “None of us is stronger than all of us” is our working principle to achieve today’s achievements.

Working process

Working Process 1
 Receive information

Receive information

Working Process 2
Preliminary drawing

Preliminary drawing

Working Process 3
Detailed drawings

Detailed drawings

Working Process 4



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